Sensei Gary Boaz has several training videos available.

IAA Fundamentals Volume One

The latest release from Boaz Productions is the Independent Aikido Alliance’s first training DVD.  “Fundamentals Volume One” is the first volume in the basics series.  This video focuses on proper technique for attacks from behind the back. The list price for this DVD is $55 USD plus $6 shipping for US orders, $15 international.


20 Responses to “Products”

  1. Hello,

    Please can you tell me where i can order your DVD’s. I can’t find it on your website.

    I ‘ll hope you can help me.


    E. Franken
    The Netherlands

  2. Hello, I would very much like to purchase your DVDs. The ExpertVillage videos I’ve seen so far are excellent! I’ve sent a couple of emails to boazproductions but have gotten no response. Can you help this poor aikido-ka, Sensei Boaz?

    Domo arigato!


    • boazproductions Says:


      Make sure you are sending your emails to: I check this email probably 8 times a day! For security reasons I prefer to handle the information about ordering videos through my email. Oh, and if you still can’t get through that way, you can also use: I check that one too but not nearly as often.


  3. Hi Gary
    I have been watching you on youtube and wanted to check out one of your dvd’s how long is it vol 1. and does it follow a path for basic instruction so one can continue to learn aikido

    • boazproductions Says:

      Hi Ron,

      Thanks for watching my videos. I’m glad you liked what you saw! IAA Kihon Waza Volume One is right at 90 minutes and yes, it follows a basic path. Even though it is a fundamentals video, there are aspects that are more advanced so you can “grow into it”. If you want more information, please visit my online store at Man, I hate sounding like a commercial.

  4. Tramayne Young Says:

    My name is Tramayne Young. I have taken in interest in styles such as Aikido and Tai Chi. There is a local Aikido facility in my home town of Savannah, Georgia.I will be beginning my studies in this style within the next month or so. However I will also be using your videos as a tool for my studies at home. I would like to thank you for your youtube videos, they were very inspirational and the deciding factor between which style I would chose to partake in. However, I do not see where your products are available here on your website , if you could email me it would be great.

    Have a Great day

  5. Great videos. I took some Aikido a while back and wanted to get into it again now that I have kids (to teach them not use on them of course :)) Anyway, I’d like to look at buying your video series. Please send me the info I need. Thanks again for getting me fired up about Aikido. Awesome stuff!

    Chris M.
    Iron Range, MN

  6. Mr. Boaz,

    I have been watching your youtube videos for the past week non stop and really enjoy them. You are a very good teacher. I am a Police Officer In the Phoenix, Az. area and want to start training in Aikido. Do you know anyone in the Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler area that uses your Aikido philosophy? I would love to be trained by yourself but it seems that you have left Arizona?? Thank you in advance.

    Aaron D.

    • boazproductions Says:


      Sorry for the delay in responding to you here. I rarely check this site anymore so I apologize! Yes, I have students and a dojo in Phoenix. Actually, the sensei at the dojo in Phoenix has a brother who is on the police force for Chandler. If you are still interested in training, drop me a line at my email: Thanks!!!

  7. Anthony Uylee Says:

    I am a aikido student and I browse from websites to websites and I ran across your demos on youtube and I was highly impressed and I would like to know where I can get your dvds from?

  8. Good Afternoon, sir. Excuse my poor english. I’m a brazilian aikido-ka and I would ask you: Do you have some student in my country? Are you Reynosa’s sutdent?

    Thank you for your time Sensei Boaz


  9. ehsan kazemi Says:

    Dear sense.
    My name is eEsan Kazemi.I`m from iran.
    I have first dan in aikido aikikai.
    I see all of your techniques in youtube everyday.
    I thinks its the best and complete video for learning aikido.
    I learn many things from you and you solve some of my problems in techniques.
    I hope some day i can see you in your class.
    thanks a lot.

  10. Bryan Leonard Says:

    I would like to see all the videos you have please, thank you

  11. Raul Cuellar Says:

    Hi Mr Boaz,
    I am Aikido Practitioner and i´m very interesting in your videos, I´am from Monterrey Mexico and my sensei was a Bill Sosa Sensei student also, So is great to see your Aikido! and thanks for sharing some of your knowledge in you tube. I will vist the online store.
    Thanks and Best Regards
    Raul Cuellar

    • boazproductions Says:

      Hi Raul,

      I definitely miss Sosa Sensei. In addition to the videos I have for sale on, I also have two dvd’s of Sosa Sensei teaching seminars for us here in Kansas. Let me know if they are something you would be interested in. I don’t sell them normally but I will for previous students of his. Thanks for the message!


  12. Raul Cuellar Says:

    Wow that would be great for us!!! I really appreciate that! How we can buy those seminars? and how much? because these aren´t in the online store isn´it? after this videos I really want to order the 5 DVD Aikido Set! Aikido!
    Thank you Sensei Boaz, Best regards!

  13. Joel heape Says:

    Where can I purchase your aikido DVD series ? I wanted to get all five and maybe some of the Kushyo as well. Thank you!
    Joel Heape

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