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Greetings!  My name is Gary Boaz and I have  studied, practiced and taught martial arts since 1990.  I do my best to bring my experience and  passion for teaching to this new acadamey for the pursuit of excellence in martial arts.  Based in tradition, my style is focused on what is practical here and now with the understanding that what “really” works is different for everyone.  Knowing this, my role as a teacher is to give you the tools necessary to become proficient in the arts of self-defense all the while working on the larger task:  refining the human spirit we have in all of us.  “Seishin Tanren” means to forge the spirit.  At the Boaz Academy of Martial Arts, this is what we immerse ourselves in.  It’s not easy.  If it was, everyone would be doing it.

Here is some more information you might like to know:


I’m founder and chief instructor of the Independent Aikido Alliance.  Our school is based in Topeka, Kansas.  We operate out of Professional Martial Arts located at 19th & Clay.   I have been training, studying and teaching aikido since 1990 and do my best to impart realistic, practical budo through my aikido.

blackgiofdeath2I am  a certified pressure points instructor & coach through Kyusho International. I have been across this great country and abroad teaching kyusho to students open and eager to learn.  I’ve met awesome friends and great humans being and love to do what I can to help others learn practical kyusho. I believe in the real physical power of kyusho, not the mystical mumbo-jumbo stuff.

groundfightingI’ve also studied and taught brazilian jiu-jitsu since 1994.  I’ve worked with and been influenced by Rickson Gracie, Royce Gracie, the Gracie Barra, Pedro Sauer, American Jiu-Jitsu and the Machados to name a few.  Though I feel you definitely don’t want to end up on the ground, it is absolutely necessary to learn to defend yourself there.

fopic1In addition to martial arts, I’m  a certified master-level defensive tactics instructor through Force Options.  I’ve taught military, law enforcement, corrections and other security and private agencies.  I’m a graduate of the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and love the art of handgun shooting.

I’m approaching two decades in the martial arts and the one thing I know now is that there so much more to learn!  I’ll never be one to sit back and pat myself on the back.  I’ll always experiment, study and implement new techniques as I gain new understanding through my training.  I invite you to read up and post comments here when and where you see fit.  This site is and will always be a work in progress so please check back often!

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