Welcome to the BOAZ Academy of Martial Arts

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The BOAZ Academy of Martial Arts was established as a source for viable self-defense and personal growth development. Our school is much more than a “gym” where you go and learn to fight or just get in shape (though these are definite by-products of our programs!). While there is nothing wrong with healthy competition through athletics, this is not something we strive for.

True Victory is Self VictoryThere is a Japanese saying; “masakatsu agatsu” which means “true victory is victory over oneself”. This truly is what we are all about.  To accomplish this, we offer some traditional martial arts as well as more modern aspects of self-defense. Our goal is to help our students refine their character (seishin tanren) and become better humans being by immersing them in the discipline, respect, and humility inherent in the martial arts. At the same time we are giving them effective tools to protect themselves and their loved ones from a violent world that we live in.

We offer classes in the following traditional disciplines:


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In addition, we have the following “specialty” classes:

Women’s Self-Defense
Home Protection for Families
Kid Safe
Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement, Military, Corrections and Security Agencies
Air Travelers Tactics for Self-Defense

It is our sincere hope that you enjoy learning more about us here at WordPress.  Please feel free to contact us or leave comments if you have questions about what we do or how we do it.


9 Responses to “Welcome to the BOAZ Academy of Martial Arts”

  1. Gary,
    Very enjoyable Aikido. I sent you a message on Facebook…

  2. Hello.
    I am extremely impressed by watching your videos. I believe your aikido is exactly what I am looking for. I am currently a Shodan Black Belt in Isshinryu karate and have studied for 20 years. I am privileged to have learned real world applications and adaptations that add to my traditional training. But I dream of studying aikido and I believe your aikido is exactly what I’m looking for. It’s real. Applicable. Relevant. And practical.

    I am in the Pittsburgh area and I have visited aikido schools here where [sadly] the sensei was not able to look me in the eye and say whether or not their aikido was practical for self defense! The response I was given was exactly this, “Well. I suppose it could be.” They did not train with self defense in mind. It was just a thing to do! Very discouraging.

    Not the case with your aikido. I have watched probably every video of yours on eHow.com and I am convinced. My question is, do you have an aikido schools in the Pittsburgh area or do you know of any schools you could recommend? I am also pursuing law enforcement as a career and I may be moving to North Carolina. Do you know of any schools or have any schools in your organization in North Carolina?

    Please keep up with what it is you do! You’re excellent and extremely inspirational. Your aikido is extremely encouraging!

    • boazproductions Says:


      I really appreciate your encouraging message sir! I’m glad you liked my videos and found something useful. The response you received from the Pittsburgh sensei is unfortunately the norm. There are very few aikido schools training like I do, and that’s fine because how I do things isn’t for everyone. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never have a huge student base.

      Right now I do not have any schools in your area. My “un-organization” is very small and select. To get in as an instructor is not easy, and student membership isn’t a breeze either as there is an actual application progress. However, I will be doing a seminar in Greensboro, NC in mid-June. There is an instructor there that wants to start training aikido and I’ve promised to work with him. Let me know how the search for a dojo goes and I’ll do whatever I can to help. Also, feel free to call me at 480-406-8997 if you’d like to discuss this further.

  3. Hey Sensei! I live in Finland and one of the club action here in aikido instructor, I’ve longed for from the start of a real budo. Aikido videos and met with to make Aikido has inspired me greatly, and it has changed my style aikido and the way I do Aikido, as well as larry rennyosa sensei, and Matsuoka sensei. I’ve often thought about looking at the videos in aikido is that real Aikido. I hope that you could ever visit directed by aikido camp in Europe.

  4. Dustin Hills Says:

    Boaz Sensei, thank you for your contribution to Aikido, and thank you for your training. Your knowledge in Aikido and Kyusho-Jitsu, and ability to pass on that knowledge is well beyond most instructors I’ve ever met. You’re Youtube videos have become a great source for anyone seeking to better themselves in martial arts.

  5. A. Schoenfeld Says:

    Hello Sensei Boaz,

    I live in Tucson AZ and would like to study Aikido. Do you have any suggestions regarding a particular school here in Tucson.


  6. Jason Hartman Says:

    Sensei Boaz,

    I am very glad that I happened upon your Aikido videos. I found them some time ago and I have incorporated some of the things that you teach into my own Aikido.

    I have questions that I hope you can help me with. I have a Shodan in an independent Aikido club. How can one affiliate and or become “recognized” in the Aikido world, or does it really matter? How much credence does an independent rank truly hold? I have studied quite a while and I fear that because this is an independent rank it is not recognized as a Shodan. I guess that I am somewhat at a loss for answers to; where do I go and what do I do from here? I would truly appreciate your input and guidance if possible.

    Thanks again for the videos and instruction, they have been great for my Aikido.

    • boazproductions Says:

      Well Jason, that’s not just a simple question. I could sit down and type all night trying to answer it. If you want, give me a call sometime at 480-406-8997 and we can discuss it. I really hate typing anyway 😉


      • Jason Hartman Says:

        Sensei Boaz,

        Some time ago I contacted you for some information and guidance. You offered for me to contact you regarding my ongoing, “situation”, if you will. I failed to do so. Is that invitation still open?


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